30A, FL Wheatful Woman Weekend 2022

I am speechless after this weekend and the trip was completely priceless. I would encourage everybody to go if they are even thinking a little about it, solo or friend trip, you will not regret it! Best decision ever. Do whatever it takes to get there! - Lauren



Sponsored by Topo Chico, Liquid IV, Hint and more.


Stay in 30A, FL with a bunch of girlfriends for a long weekend of beach walks, devotionals led by Britt Goff, meals by a private chef, professional sunset beach photos, porch hangs, independent time to explore, pool, shop, beach and more!


Our October 26 -30th weekend features a private remote group session with Dr. Caroline Leaf!


Tickets Available now:

October 20 - 23 Two
2 King Master & Bath
October 20 - 23 Two
4 Bunk Room (twin over twin) & Bath
October 20 - 23 Three 2 Two full bed loft & Bath (featuring spiral staircase to third floor)
October 20 - 23 Independent Carriage Home - connected to main home through breezeway 2
One full bed and one full pull out sleeper sofa, small living space, small kitchen & bath
October 26 - 30 Two
2 (3 rooms available) King Master & Bath
October 26 - 30 Two & Three 4
Bunk Room (twin over twin) & Bath




OCTOBER 20 - 23
  OCTOBER 26 - 30


King Master $1,599 $160 $1,999 $200
Bunk Room $1,099 $110 $1,499 $150
Two Full Bed Loft $1,499 $150 N/A
Carriage Home $1,499 $150 N/A



  • Prices are per guest
  • We can host (4) ladies in the "two full bed loft" space by request for $1,099 each
  • Private single person rooms are $2,800 by request
  • Email us for either inquiry above at hello@wheatandhoneyco.com
  • PAYMENT PLAN: Your credit card on file will be automatically charged for 10 consecutive months (every 30 days) until payment is received in full.
  • PAY IN FULL: Email us at hello@wheatandhoneyco.com if you prefer to pay in full and we will get you taken care of!
  • OPTIONAL ADD ONS: Email us at hello@wheatandhoneyco.com if you're interested in early check in, late check out, our team managing your travel or spa reservations!


Included in your ticket:

  • Private room and bathroom of your choosing (see all room options detailed above)
  • Professional chef and catered meals for the entire retreat minus your independent day(s) to explore 30A
  • A full day of retreat activities including:
    • Worship
    • Devotional time led by Britt Goff
    • Small groups
    • Sunset beach photos with a professional photographer including personal photos, if desired
    • Sunrise worship and prayer led by Britt Goff
  • Private group remote session with professional mental health professional Dr. Caroline Leaf for October 26 - 30th weekend guests
  • WaterColor Beach Club and Community Pool Private Access
  • Private Salt Water Pool with Jacuzzi Jets at the home for October 20 - 23rd weekend guests


October 20 - 23 Weekend Schedule: *note, some things may change slightly

  • Day one - Casual arrival evening with dinner, jacuzzi time & meet the girls!
  • Day two - Brunch by our private chef, worship, devotional with Britt Goff, small group time, free time around town and on the beach, sunset beach photos with our professional photographer and a private dinner at the home by our professional chef!
  • Day three - Sunrise worship on the beach with Britt Goff, farmers market, explore town, independent day around 30A! Gather together for a dinner out.
  • Day four - travel home day


    October 26 - 30 Weekend Schedule: *note, some things may change slightly

    • Day one - Casual arrival evening with dinner & meet the girls!
    • Day two - Brunch by our private chef, worship, devotional with Britt Goff, small group time, free time around town and on the beach, sunset beach photos with our professional photographer and a private dinner at the home by our professional chef!
    • Day three - Brunch by our private chef, worship, group prayer led by Britt Goff, private remote session with Dr. Caroline Leaf, small groups, catered lunch, independent afternoon around 30A and a private dinner at the home by our professional chef!
    • Day four -  Sunrise worship on the beach, farmers market, explore town, independent day around 30A! Gather together for a dinner out.
    • Day five - travel home day


    Click here if you'd like to join me for a fun episode reliving all the special moments of our first two 30A weekends and enjoy hearing directly from the voices of a few ladies that joined us this year.



    I could not recommend this trip more. It was a deep breath in, from start to finish. Britt and her crew were the most gracious hosts and truly went out of their way to make everyone feel included and comfortable. The house is beautiful, the location is impeccable, and I believe The Lord will meet you here. You will find whatever you need on this trip- if it’s rest, it’s rest. If it’s fun, it’s fun. If you are an introvert like me, and worried about committing, just do it. You will not regret it.


    The Wheatful Woman Seaside 30A retreat was the most amazing trip I’ve ever been on. The execution was very thought out and intentional. What I loved most was how welcoming and accommodating the Wheat&HoneyCo staff members were. The itinerary was carefully thought out and gave great space for rest and refreshing. The schedule didn’t feel packed or rushed. Brittany did an amazing job with allowing the presence of God to have his way all while staying on schedule. The house was Astounding. The chef was exquisite and the photographer was impeccable. This trip is one of the best ones I’ve been on and I made beautiful memories with complete strangers turned to friends that I will forever treasure and never forget!


    As I mentioned before, the enemy was already attacking before I even got there, but when I did, I can truly say, I have never felt so welcomed and at peace about going somewhere I had never been, with people I had never met before, and leaving with a feeling like I had just spent time with some of my closest friends. I will be 1000% honest, coming from an awkward person like myself, confidence can be hard to come by, and had this been any other event, I might have just slipped out because I would have felt so intimidated, but for once, I felt like I was just worthy to belong somewhere. I truly believe in this calling that God has put in your hearts, with this event, and your ministry! May God bless all of you so abundantly!


    What is your refund policy? Tickets are non-refundable. You can transfer your ticket if you have a friend wanting to take your place.


    When is check in / check out?

    Check in Wednesday / Thursday, 6 pm CT
    Check out Sunday, 9 am CT

    *The exact address will be emailed to guests*


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • How do you recommend we travel to Seaside? You can road trip or fly. You will find a few accessible airports (ECP / VPS) in the area. Upon arrival to the home, you will not need transportation. The home is just a few blocks from the beach, dining, retail, etc.
    • How do a friend and I make sure we are sharing a room? Simply make sure to pick the same room at checkout!
    • Can I purchase a single ticket if I am not traveling with a friend? Yes! We encourage you to come to make new friends. Our past events have created a reputation for our welcoming atmosphere. You will leave with several new friends :) You can purchase a ticket and share a room with another woman in our community or request a private room for $2,800 ($280/month) by emailing us at brittany@wheatandhoneyco.com.


    Additional questions/needs can be directed to hello@wheatandhoneyco.com. We can't wait to host you soon!

    Britt + Wheat and Honey Co. team

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