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Postpartum "must haves" for mama & baby

March 19, 2023


Hudson is officially three weeks old so I wanted to share some of my favorite things the first few weeks postpartum. I pray this helps one expecting mama out there (or a friend or family member looking for the latest things to help during newborn life!) to have something she didn't know she needed in the crazy of those first few weeks with your newborn!


For mom

  • Labor and Delivery Gown - this gown made me feel like I was wearing something of my own and something more comfortable than the hospital gown during L&D. It has velcro in the front and back to make skin-to-skin and an epidural simple and allows mom to feel like she is not completely exposed. This is a "nice to have" item but something that enhanced my experience in the hospital!

  • Hand free pumping and nursing bra - This bra has been everything for a nursing mama! It offers hands free pumping and nursing options all in one. I originally purchased a nursing bra and wish I would have known this option was better since it allows me to pump hands free as well.

  • Frida Mom recovery items
    • Upside Down Peri Bottle - much better and easier to use than the hospital bottle! Make sure to pull the white piece out to lock into place before use.
    • Instant Ice Maxi Pads - great for relief the first few days after delivery

    • Stretchy Panty Shorts - these made me feel so much better vs. the hospital diapers. They make mama feel more "normal" and hold everything in place (both your recovering items tagged above and they also make you feel more normal in clothes vs. like you're rocking an adult diaper)

  • Tucks Medicated Cooling Pads - good for use right after delivery but also for weeks after. Especially for anyone who gets to enjoy hemorrhoids. Oh joy!
  • Dermoplast Spray - they will give you one of these in the hospital but I had an extra for use at home!
  • Always Maxi Pads - good to have at home to layer all the above items on for daily and nightly relief
  • Nursing Ice Packs - these help with gorging and relieve pressure in your breasts post pumping / nursing!
  • Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads - I was so grateful to have these on hand when my milk started to come in. As a new mom, I didn't know how important it is to have something on hand to insert in my bra or even a pajama shirt at night to stay dry. This is one of those items I would have been in "trouble" without and am so grateful someone told me to purchase in advance!
For baby:
  • Swivel Glider with Storage Ottoman in Performance Cream Linen, Water Repellent and Stain Resistant - this was one of our splurge items but has been one of the most used and enjoyed item we purchased. The chair is extremely comfortable. I love that it rocks back-and-forth but also swivels to soothe the baby. We also love that it does not recline (which in most cases eliminates your ability to rock) but has the storage ottoman to prop your feet. It is also a deep storage space for all of our bibs, burp cloths, towels, etc. and is a great place to have quick access during feeding times! I did significant research on rocking chairs and would 10 / 10 recommend this one! It's also pretty in our living room, which doesn't hurt!

  • Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush Set - great for ease of use and getting to the hard to reach places in the baby bottles! We also love the holder for these that helps the sponge dry out in our sink between uses.

  • Bottle Warmer - we love the ease of heating up bottles in 4-5 minutes. This bottle warmer was easy to figure out and is easy to use!

  • Muslin Burp Cloths - the quality of these are unreal for the price. We have stocked up and use these around the clock!

  • Water wipes - a friend bought these for us (we had never heard of this brand) and they have been the most kind to Hudson's bum! 

  • Bottle Drying Rack - keeps our counter top organized and clean with all the bottle washing we have been doing! This rack also helps our bottles dry much quicker!

  • Dr. Browns Natural Flow Anti-Colic 4 oz Bottles - great for speech development, breastfeeding encouragement and anti-colic! We have found these bottles have helped reduce indigestion for our sweet boy and they're the perfect size for newborn feedings!

  • Philips Avent Pacifier - we purchased other pacifiers (pacifiers I thought would be worth the investment) but Hudson prefers this one from the hospital. Great reviews, affordable price and a happy baby!

  • Keekagroo Peanut Changer - another splurge item but worth every penny. We placed this changer on top of a dresser to serve as our changing table. It's easy to wipe down when we make a mess, comfortable for little man and doesn't get in the way during changing time!

  • Saline Nasal Spray - this has saved our little guy from excessive stuffiness. It clears the mucus that is so common in newborns and helps him sleep without stuffiness that ends up keeping the whole family awake (and scaring a new mom with congested breathing!) We Amazoned this after Hudson's arrival. This is one of the items I wish I would have known to have on hand.

  • Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner - this pillow supports mom, baby, and visitors in all the right places when holding baby. It is also great for use as the baby grows for sitting up and tummy time.
  • KYTE Baby Onesie - this is the most soft piece of clothing our child owns. Easy to put on, washes great in the washing machine and another staple clothing item these first few weeks of constant outfit changes. They're also adorable in the fun color variety!
  • Car Seat and Nursing Cover - This has given me confidence in taking walks and taking our little guy out in public. It blocks the wind, sun and overall airborne germs! I look forward to the versatility and being able to nurse in public using this cover as well. It's easy to transport and adds an extra convenience to any time out of the home.
  • SwaddleMe Organic Swaddle - the simplest way to swaddle your baby quickly and keep them content during naps! We spent the first week learning to swaddle with a traditional blanket before we remembered we had these. Easy for mom and dad and comfortable for baby! My husband and I joke that we wish they made these for adults. Our little guy always looks so cozy!
I pray this helps one expecting mama out there to have something she didn't know she needed in the crazy of those first few weeks with your newborn!
- Britt Goff


Family photo by Jordyn Leann Photography

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