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Distracted: 40 Days to know God more and live freed

For the woman who wants to be challenged with ways we are distracted from all of God's goodness

Why we created this tool:

A spiritual revolution is about to take place as we intentionally invite the Holy Spirit to guide us away from distractions and closer to God.


During this period, we will be fasting from busyness, comparison, and overwhelm (to name a few) with the hope of finding more of Jesus when our hearts are focused less on the things of this world and more on His word.


This tool can be used at any point of the year, but you may find this 40-day period to be more intentional during the Lenten season of repentance and solitude as we remember Jesus' death and celebrate His resurrection.


What to expect:

This devotional and prayer guide includes 40 daily devotionals followed by daily prompted prayer space for journaling.


My hope and prayer is that this tool will walk us through 40 intentional days focused on identifying distractors so we might be more prompt to recognize and fight off distractions in our daily lives beyond this 40-day period.


We hope these pages will be used for the Holy Spirit to:

  • prompt us to fast from routine distractions in our life that may be pulling us away from intimacy with Him
  • guide us to open our Bibles routinely and read His true word
  • protect our quiet and intimate moments of solitude in His presence
  • prompt written prayers to enrich our awareness of and dependence on Him


    I pray this tool is an invitation to know our God more, to gain a deeper understanding of the cross, and to bring Him glory through service and worship. I pray this tool touches your unique relationship with our God in ways you treasure uniquely in your heart!


    Britt Goff

    Founder of Wheat & Honey Co.

    Author & Designer of Distracted: 40 Days to Know God More and Live Freed



    “As someone who struggles with daily quiet time, I found the Distracted devotional to be easy to move through and so very relevant to my season of life right now. The “first thoughts” each day really captured my attention and reading through the devotional and prayer allowed me to really reflect on how each distraction was influencing my life and the prompted prayer questions allowed me to be intentional with my prayers each day. If you’re someone looking for a guide to help dive deeper into knowing God this is a great resource. And if you’re a seasoned believer this devotional may reveal temptations that you didn’t realize were holding you back from growing further in your relationship with the Lord.” - Meredith

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