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Hearing God: 23 days to discern the guiding voice of God

The greatest gift God gives us is His heart. To know Him is to love like Him and to love like Him we must understand how to hear Him. In a world that can overcomplicate God’s love, I have felt God prompting me to spend time with Him, in the creation of this study, so we can all learn how to hear His voice more intimately than before or perhaps for the first time.


It has always been part of God’s plan for us to have access to Him. I pray this study warmly greets you in your desire to hear the voice of God and leaves you with a deeper understanding of how to discern God’s voice in your life.


I have a vision that God will use our desire to grow in our ability to hear His voice to raise up a revival of intimacy with Him. Through this intimacy, we will be bold in our belief of who He is, fearless in how we love others as He first loved us and unable to be distracted as we keep our eyes fixed on heaven.


I believe God has a place of intimacy for each of us where He wants us to know Him more. God wants us to understand the importance of His guiding voice and be people that do something about what we hear. Our desire to be near God will take us to a place that is going to change the world for our good and His glory.


Author: Britt Goff

Cover & layout design: Britt Goff

Proof and copy editor: Jennifer Banman


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