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Love Identified: Finding our identities in God’s love & eliminating the enemies' access to our hearts

Our latest devotional release, Love Identified, is on pre-order. Shipping 11/17!

For the woman looking to eliminate distraction in her life and experience peace.

Britt has such a way of putting her soul and heart for God into words and I love getting to know Him better through them and through her. This devotional is a deep breath from start to finish. I pray that as you explore these characteristics of God that you would feel the nearness of Him, the beauty of Him, and allow His character to transform you. To know God is to love him, and to know him intimately through these characteristics that Britt so beautifully outlined, is an unimaginable grace. This study will be one that I treasure not only through the Advent season, but in the years to come. - Christine Giella

Why we created this tool:

Our Wheat & Honey Co. author team has observed a unified theme in the way God has prompted our latest devotional study topics. We hear God loudly declaring His intention to lead our community of women to a deeper recognition of His voice through the understanding of His love and His presence. We recently released our “The Pursuit of Presence: Navigating through seasons of life by pursuing presence in our promises” and “Hearing God: 23 Days to Discern the Guiding Voice of God” devotional studies and it does not feel like a coincidence that the devotional study to follow, the study in your hands, is guiding us to an intimate understanding of how to find our identity in the love God has for us.


It’s a humbling position to write from being keenly aware of the Father’s heart behind this theme and my desperate need for Him to do it justice. I sit down to write these pages with the perspective of a reader, ready to receive what God has for us. I’m creating this tool, not because I have an abundance of time to launch something new into the world (it’s comically quite the opposite) but because I heard God speak to me. I believe God wants your time with Him through these pages to be a time of sabbath. I believe His presence, that is going to wash over us, is spreading holy ground beneath our feet. I pray this study challenges us, in healthy ways, to be more like Christ but I also pray that it meets you where you are with a warm hug. I pray you feel God near, encouraging you that you are seen and you are so loved. Your identity is found in the gift of His warm and welcoming presence. Your identity is embraced in a moment of surrender and seeking of our Father. I hope this book leads you to a restful place of acceptance of how near our 

God is to you in awareness that He sees you and loves you and that is all you need.


Britt Goff

Founder of Wheat & Honey Co.

Author & Designer of Love Identified


Behind the cover design:

It is just like our personal God to lead this project with a cover full of symbols of His love. In the design of each devotional study, I pray God would display His truth inside the pages on the cover. I pray He would create a cover that will speak to our souls, grab our attention, and prompt us to open the pages. I pray this devotional study encourages your heart, helps you find peace and leads you to a deeper understanding of our Father’s love for you.


Some of the symbolism explained:

  • Creative God - The colors illustrated represent our creative God. His love may be black and white but the way He expresses it is unique, intimate and fun.
  • Flowers - Flowers grow towards the sun. May we be women who keep our chins up, focused on the light of God’s love over our lives.
  • One - If you look closely, the scribble to the left of “Love Identified” says, “one” to represent God is the one never changing, always reliable love that will never leave or forsake us.


I pray this cover art speaks to your soul and leads you to rich intimacy with our Father as you explore this devotional study with Him.

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