Why You Should Take a Leap of Faith

May 16, 2018

Why You Should Take a Leap of Faith

“The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in Him; though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with His right hand.” - Psalm 37:23-24

I recently went to a concert where the artist had sold out every stadium seat two nights in a row. The reality that 110,000 people came from all over to see one woman sing didn’t strike me until she (spoiler alert: it was T Swift) took a performance break to talk about the journey of pursuing her dreams. She mentioned at 28, she had already been playing concerts for 12 years and had once only imagined about playing venues like these. Early in her life, she pursued her dream full steam ahead, not letting the fear of failure or what other people think to hold her back. 

I’m not saying we all have to have dreams of singing to the population of a large Dallas suburb, but I do think we need to be a little riskier with the dreams God places in our heart. While it can seem scary to take big leaps of faith, we’d be wasting our short lives if we didn’t risk failure, embarrassment or leaving our comfort zones for a chance to possibly fly. 

You may have thoughts like me when you consider moving forward on your dreams; “what if I don’t have it all figured out and people think I’m crazy?” or “I’ll pursue my dreams when I’m older, wiser and more mature.” But sister, when those negative thoughts creep into our minds, we have to make the choice to ignore them. On average, we have roughly 80 years to live and build a legacy. We can either spend the rest of our years playing it safe and worrying about what other people think, or we can treat our years as a precious and passing resource to be used to the fullest extent. As children of God, we don’t have to be slaves to the fear of failure. He uses our weakness and lack of qualifications to showcase His strength.

Not only that, but Jesus already conquered death, so what do we have to fear?

Today, we have the choice to be safe or brave in our lives. God gave each of us dreams and resources and time for a reason. Let’s make them count! 

Challenge: Write down one dream you have in your heart. Got it? Pray for courage to take the first small step to bring it to life! 

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