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Revival of a Rose: SEEK

October 18, 2023

Revival of a Rose: SEEK

Revival of a Rose: SEEK

Remember playing a game of hide and seek when you were younger? When you’re in hiding, your motive is to cover up to guard yourself and hope you won’t be found. When you’re the seeker, you search through the highest of highs and lowest of lows to find the person you’re looking for so the win of the game will be yours. 

What if we sought after Jesus with the same excitement and confidence knowing we were guaranteed to find Him? 

 “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13

To search with all our heart means we must keep our guard-petals removed so God has space to move. He is always with us and never departs us to hide His face away. The difference is when we aren’t seeking Him, we end up relying on and trusting in ourselves. When we choose to intently seek after Jesus, we are unashamedly proclaiming that we are all in. 

We want Him to remind us of His truth.
We want His lamp to guide our path.
We want His redemption to come in. 
We want to become more like Him. 

If we want to be known, we must be open to being found. 
If we want to be free, we must be willing to seek.

Take that step and decide that you don’t want to hide or close yourself up from The Lord anymore. Those petals are in the palm of your hands, will you surrender them and seek after Him? @rhiannamarie24

#RevivalOfARose #Seek

Lord Jesus, you promise in your word that when we seek after you, you will always be found. Thank you for never leaving or forsaking us. Help us to have our hearts fully open to you so you can be invited in to move like you do. Thank you for reminding us that seeking after you will always be the righteous thing to do. We surrender to place our full trust and confidence in you. In Jesus name, Amen. 


Rhianna Marie Nix, Wheatful Wednesday Devotional Author

Rhianna Marie Nix is the author of “Faithfully Fervent: Standing Firm as a Woman of God in a World Ready to Run”. Rhianna is a native Texan and a Pediatric Operating Room Nurse. She is married to her wonderful husband Ryan Nix and has two dogs. Rhianna is passionately following her calling into ministry by pursuing her mission to help bring hope and healing through her testimony proclaiming that God resurrects pain into purpose. She will fiercely fight to empower people to know Christ and believe in His incomparable power to transform and save.

Connect with her on Instagram @rhiannamarie24 and learn more about her book, Faithfully Fervent, on Amazon here.