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Pulled into notifications that ping us

March 29, 2023

Pulled into notifications that ping us

We’re part of a culture who subscribes to, clicks, and buys a lot of things! We subscribe to things we don’t need, click too many distractions, and buy into the lies that we’re behind, not enough, and just need “one more thing” to experience the good life. We’re pulled into the striving, caught up in comparison, and so easily distracted by the noise around us, voices within us, and notifications that ping us. Our lives have lost any sense of healthy rhythm and often look more like an endless game of whack-a-mole chasing that next thing.

Instead of leaning into His rest, we choose restlessness.

Instead of choosing a life of peace, we live a life of chaos.

Instead of trusting Him, we choose to trust in things.

Instead of pursuing the truth, we get caught up in the lies.

But here’s the good news. Today is a new day and His mercies are new each morning.

Today, we can reset. It’s the perfect day to:

-Click “unsubscribe” on those emails you no longer need

-Unfollow the people that bring you down

-Not buy the lies that you’re not enough, you’re behind, and that you don’t have what it takes -Fix your eyes on Him and not fall prey to that next distraction

-Restore the rhythms of grace and His goodness in your life

As you create greater margin mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, you’ll have greater capacity to experience the abundant life He has for you. And if you need a starting place, here’s one - rest. God rested. Jesus rested. A Sabbath was modeled, gifted, and we are reminded to “observe” and “remember” it for a reason. In it, we might just experience the healing, restoration, and renewal that we’re looking for.

Lord, we confess that when things flash at us, ping us, and distract us, we are led astray. We leave behind the richness of your goodness and instead find ourselves pursuing where the world tells us riches are. Thank you that you refresh us, renew our minds, and give us new mercies each morning. Help us to observe the gift of the Sabbath…to lean into your rest and we reset. Give us the wisdom to establish healthy rhythms in our lives that reflect more of you and your goodness. Reveal to us what we need to unsubscribe to today and keep us from the distractions and lies that lead us away from you.

Annica Fischer, Wheatful Wednesday Devotional Author

Annica has spent more than a decade in leadership development, coaching, and consulting. After experiencing a deeply rooted need for mentorship and support as a Christian mom working in the corporate world, she stepped away to create a space that would help fill that gap. She currently writes and hosts a podcast, The Tried and Truth Podcast, that serves as a platform to equip and encourage women to thrive in their faith, home, and work lives through simple truths and inspiring conversations. Annica lives in Fort Worth with her husband and their three young and wild boys.
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