Finding the Will to Not Compare

October 30, 2018

Finding the Will to Not Compare

"What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived -  the things God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Corinthians 2:9

Whether it's at work, on our screens, at social gatherings, or in our heads, the opportunity to compare is everywhere.

I find myself comparing my financial choices, health, marriage, and faith to others with the excuse of needing a “litmus test”: some sort of inspirational bar or baseline to hold myself accountable using another’s life. If that person is doing “better” than me, I covet and become discouraged. If that person seems to be falling short of the standard I or society set for them, I judge. Either way, I’m sinning.

While it’s good to have role models for our faith, relationships, and careers, we can’t pre-determine our success by their functioning example. 1 Corinthians chapter two points to the truth: we can’t imagine what God has planned for us or for others. No two journeys are alike, and it’s important to remember that God can use all people and all situations for His good. That point alone erases our excuse to judge while also guiding our discontent hearts away from comparison.

Your financial struggles, while sometimes more stressful than what other women are going through, are opportunities to remember that God feeds the birds and clothes the fields, and He will provide you, His child, everything you need. Your marriage, while maybe not as seemingly easy as the loving couple in your community group, has the same opportunity to be used by God and is an important part His bigger plan. Although it seems lonely and confusing in comparison to married women, your singleness is a season for God to increase your faith and strengthen your dependency on Him alone. Even your health, while possibly failing to the human eye, can be the vessel God needs to carry out His miracle.

Don’t get caught in the lie that someone else’s blessings or current placement can somehow correlate with the potential God has for you. The same as we’d never use football scoring terms to dictate the outcome of a basketball game, let’s not measure our progress using someone else’s ruler.

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