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Peace Be Still Devotional

The waves of this world and our flesh are raging. Do you feel it? We are presented with constant opportunities for our peace to be robbed, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We have a protection against the rage in His word and the peace afforded to us through His Holy Spirit.

I pray this devotional invites you to a space of rest at the Lord’s feet in His healing presence. He is waiting for us to sit still and inviting us to a depth of peace, this Advent season, that I believe we have yet to know. This Advent season is a personal invitation to rest in quiet moments with our God and experience a deepening of faith. He desires to use His peace to strengthen us against the waves we face as we celebrate the Nativity of Christ and wait with joyful expectation for our Savior's return.

This devotional includes 4 weekly devotionals prompting personal reflection, hearing from the Lord through His word, prayer, and sitting still in His abundant peace. Are we ready to sit still and receive His abundance of peace?


Authored and Designed by Britt Goff

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