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Warrior Words: Scripture Reference Tool

Warrior Words: A Scripture Reference Tool of 100+ Emotions and Circumstances

A letter from Britt + how to get the most out of this tool:

Our desire is to be a vessel for the Lord to create a tool that enables us to fight for truth in the middle of uncertainty, lies and less than ideal circumstances. Our prayer is this tool will be your go-to in moments where the world seems to spin. We pray you would open your "Warrior Words" book to find hope, peace, and most importantly, truth by identifying with emotion or circumstance and being led to open your Bible and hear straight from the word of God.

Our dreams and desires, paired with our knowledge of God's character and faithfulness, begin to become much more grand and holy than we could ever imagine apart from knowing Christ.

I believe God made each of us having unique yearnings in our hearts. Let's be women that are not afraid of dreaming but do so walking hand-in-hand with whom God says He is in full surrender to His will that is always greater than our own.

No matter where you are in your life, no matter what you are facing today, the insecurities, fears, and trials you have on your plate, I pray this book blesses you by equipping you with tools to realize your emotions and circumstances, rely on our God and His word for direction and digestion of those emotions and circumstances and to respond (in word and deed) grounded in truth and love.


  • Diana Parker, messenger and prayer warrior
  • Jantzen Jolly-Miller, prayer warrior and visual strategist
  • Katie Roberts, copy editor
  • Restoring Moore Photography (Alex Moore), cover photography
  • Mary Beth Carter, cover model
  • Countless women contributing scripture, you know who you are
  • Wheat and Honey Co., hand-painted Bible featured on the cover
  • Britt Goff, layout design and vessel

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