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Is it you…Ready to Invest in Future FUN?

January 18, 2024

Is it you…Ready to Invest in Future FUN?

Tickets available tomorrow at 7AM CT!

For our planners out there, here is how this will work. At 7AM CT tomorrow, you can head over to our website using the retreat link below. We will also send you an email, the same way you have been receiving these emails, with a link.
We want to make sure everyone gets the room they want so we recommend being ready to go at 7AM CT tomorrow!
Dear Sister, we’ve got you covered! 

My HOPE for the women who will attend the Wheat + Honey retreat in 2024? 

Jesus, we believe that whoever is meant to be at this retreat WILL BE THERE. Each year, you are faithful. Each year, you bring the women that need deep refresh, soul rest, and a meaningful reset. With the theme of “KNOWN”, we agree that you want these women to feel seen. All they have to do is show up to the weekend, and you will do the rest of the work! What freedom and comfort that brings us! There will be laughter, crying, and dancing. There will be delicious food and stunning scenery. Everything good comes from you. 

We can’t wait to see you show off in Seaside! We love you. Amen.

- Hannah


Have questions? We'd love to help answer them! You can reach us with retreat questions here.

Photography by our talented friends, @momentswithmphoto & @hellosamanthabailey

Read more on our blog!

Read more on our blog here


You are understood and deeply known by our all-knowing and all-loving God. There is safety and acceptance in His presence. I am believing God is going to show up, yet again, with a message unique to each of us through a weekend of rest that is going to be life changing. I look forward to what God will reveal to me about this theme over the coming months during our planning!

All my love,
Britt, Retreat Host / W&HC Founder

Questions can be directed to

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