Do the Next Right Thing

June 13, 2018

Do the Next Right Thing

“In his heart a man plans his path, but the Lord determines His footsteps.” Proverbs 16:9

I consider myself somewhat of a prophet. Unfortunately, that’s the not spiritual gift I was actually given by God. I’m less of a prophet and more of a dreamer with imaginative expectations.

When I have a vision for something, I go all in. I see a product done in its final form, complete with the before and after testimony and success metrics. When I envision the business, marriage, and life I dream of having someday, it’s what I choose the measure my current life against. Because of that extreme, I have two modes: the amped of version of myself who’s excited, creative, and motivated, and the defeated version who’s paralyzed by indecision, ambiguity, and lack of progress.

But the thing is, we don’t have to live one way or the other: sprinting, or asleep. Following your dream doesn’t always have to model a ‘know your end goal and sell the farm to go all in’ kind of situation. If you took an audit of brave and impactful individuals throughout history, you’d find that their journey began and continued with one small step of faith at a time. If you’re like me, this is great news that we don’t have to know the life-altering decision that will change it all! Our job is just to listen to God’s voice and obediently follow Him every step of the way.

If your dream is to be married and have a family; if you have a vision of a career and business you want to start; if you want to have every page of your passport filled by the time you’re 40. Whatever your dream is, stop measuring your now against your “someday.” We don’t have to compare our daily progress against the perfect versions of ourselves or our situations (which can lead to frustration and a complete stall out). We get to keep dreams in our heart while trusting that God can work out all the details. Because no matter where He leads us, we can rest in the fact that if He’s in charge, we’re never on the wrong path.

Weekly Challenge: Be brave and make the next right step towards the dream you have in your heart. Go on a date, post a blog, take an art class. What’s your brave leap?

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