Small Business Automation Programming

I'm taking new clients for contract, invoice, email etc. automation programming. I'd love to work with you if you'd like help setting up systems for some of the "busy" admin work so you can focus more on the parts of your business that you love!

"I just wanted to let you know I just booked my first client using the entire contract, invoice, scheduling, questionnaire and email automation system you programmed for me and it has been AMAZING. Like seriously. SOOOOOO easy. THANK YOU FROM EVERY MORSEL IN MY BODY."  - Abbie, Wedding Planner

I am a huge fan of personalized automation for my business (and quite enjoy the programming side) and have found a chance to help others create systems to save time in their businesses as well. I have so much fun coming up with creative ways to automate some of the busy work for my clients, save them time and professionalize their digital communication process.

A few examples of automations we could set up for your business:
  • Email responses from website activity - cart follow up, purchase targeting, promotion email drip
  • Using a landing page on your website to capture new leads that automatically get filtered to receive a "booked" message from you or a space to schedule time on your calendar - removing the new inquiry manual emails from your end entirely
  • Send automated (but highly personalized) emails throughout service timelines
  • Invoice automation and payment reminders with direct bank deposits
  • Collect any information needed from clients through automated questionnaires


What to expect:

  • One-on-one time with Britt Goff to discuss strategic business growth solutions followed by programming and execution of those ideas
  • Upon purchase, you can expect a follow-up email within 3 business days to identify a time for our consultation

Note - the one hour consultation is required for all new clients with an optional follow-up $75/hour for programming. A minimum of 10 hours are required for all programming clients.


"I just wanted to let you know I just booked my first client using the entire contract, invoice, questionnaire and email automation system you programmed for me and it was been AMAZING. Like seriously. SOOOOOO easy. THANK YOU FROM EVERY MORSEL IN MY BODY."  - Abbie


"I highly recommend teaming up with Britt. Not only did her experience and knowledge make me trust what she had to say, but her patience and kindness made me feel like I was talking to a friend." - Jennifer

"I really didn't know if business coaching was for me. I didn't know if I had the time, if it was necessary, and if it was worth the investment. But let me tell you, IT WAS WORTH IT. If you feel uneasy about some of the small business things, Brittany is your girl. When I first started working with her and she politely asked if she could begin by praying for me, I knew I had found the right fit and my wandering thoughts and nerves were put at ease. This showed me that she was truly in the trenches with me and her priorities were set on furthering the Kingdom with like-minded small business owners looking to make a difference in their families, their community, and ultimately, the world.

Brittany's teaching helped me in everything from finances to navigating social media to brainstorming ideas to boost revenue in an organic way, and everything in between. She will motivate you and lift you up while pouring wisdom into your business as if it was her own business baby. The notes and ideas she brought to each of our sessions were incredible. Her courses are extremely respectful of your time, bringing impactful teachings in concise delivery. It always shocked me just how much I learned in a quick hour. I left every single meeting feeling inspired with tons of new ideas and things to work on. Brittany just gets it." - Christina


Want to know more about Brittany?

Brittany is an experienced marketing and sales professional helping busy women live intentionally. She believes vulnerability and connection lead to empowerment. Brittany holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Advertising and a Minor in Enterprise Studies from the University of Oklahoma. She is the owner of Wheat and Honey Co., a product shop equipping busy women in their faith as well as the owner of Wheatful Woman Event, a gathering giving busy women space and tools for holistic wellness. Brittany believes in the opportunity, through entrepreneurship, to have a deep and meaningful impact on others and live a life of purpose and servanthood.

Brittany lives in Grapevine, Texas with her husband, Michael, and golden retriever, Tucker.


Expertise highlight:

  • Faith + Business

  • Side Hustle Entrepreneurship

  • Creating an Engaged Online Community

  • Experiential Events with Impact

  • Give Back Business Fundamentals

  • Servanthood in Business

  • Building an Effective Email List

  • Social Media Marketing
  • New Product Promotion Strategy


Let's make moves, sister! Can't wait to chat soon.


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