Seaside, FL Retreat Giveaway Partner


We are hosting a giveaway for (2) tickets to our Women's Retreat in Seaside, FL and would love to invite you to participate.

The buy in for each small business is $150, which includes:
  • @wheatandhoneyco Instagram story feature (47K+ followers)
  • blog feature (45K+ readers)
  • W&HC email feature (3K+ subscribers)
  • For giveaway entries, entrants choose between following our partners on Instagram, making a purchase from our small business partners and / or purchasing a $10 entry ticket from
All proceeds benefit our mission partner, Freedom Shield Foundation.

We are requesting to have all small business partner commitments by Wednesday, January 25th. More details are below and please let me know if you have any questions!




  • Wednesday, 1/25: deadline for small business partner commitments
  • Friday, 1/27 - Friday, 2/3: Giveaway live
  • Friday, 2/3: winner announced


    How to enter our giveaway

    *Pick one or more forms of entry. There is no limit to entries.

    • Follow our small business partners on Instagram
    • Support one or more of our small business partners by purchasing from their shop(s) online
    • Purchase a $10 entry ticket from
    • Complete our entry form to tell us how you've entered and how many entries you've completed!

    *All proceeds benefit Freedom Shield Foundation


    Why this giveaway matters to us

    • The stories of our winners - We see God personally invite the women who attend our retreats and that doesn't stop during giveaways
    • Empowering small businesses - As a small business, we have many small business friends that are passionate about what they do, love creating something that serves others and we need to spread the word!
    • Giving back - Our missions partner, Freedom Shield Foundation, is near our hearts and it is important to us to create opportunities to give back to their work as often as we can