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Ostrich Bible Rebind

Send us your beloved Bible and let us rebind it with ostrich! Choose your ostrich color and quill (bump) preference. Current orders are scheduled to ship back to you within 8 weeks of receipt of your Bible.


How it works:

1. Place your order

2. You will receive an email from us with a mailing address to ship your Bible *note, you are shipping your Bible at your discretion. We are not responsible for any Bibles misplaced due to the mail service.

3. Once your Bible is received, you can expect to get a tracking number within 8 weeks for your Bible to be shipped back to you covered in beautiful ostrich.



  • We ask the customer covers the shipping cost to get your Bible to us. Your return shipping will be free.
  • We are only able to rebind Bibles that all pages are still held together by the original glue on the spine. Your Bible is a candidate for rebind if the original cover needs to be removed and replaced! Bibles with loose pages are not a candidate for a rebind.



Click here to watch a video of our brand new Ostrich Bibles!


Ostrich Leather is coveted for its unique look and texture. Not only is Ostrich skin exotic and luxurious but it is also known for being tough, pliable, durable and yet supple. Ostrich leather contains natural oils, which means it resists cracking and stiffness.

This new product is a continuation of our vision for any Bible we release into the world. We pray these beautiful and exotic Ostrich Bibles would be unique to you, spurring on rich intimacy with our Father as you open the pages.


Each Bible features a soft cover and is flexible! If you're looking for a large print Bible, please select one of our comfort print options. Send us an email at with any questions.


Quill Grade Explained

  • Full Quill - 85%+ bumps
  • Partial Quill - 20%+ bumps
  • No Quill - 0% bumps

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