MaryAnna Pet Portrait - 4" x 6"

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  • Pricing: All 4" x 6" pet portraits are $285 for one pet and $355 for two pets + free shipping
  • Materials used include the highest quality cold press cotton watercolor paper with some texture. MaryAnna uses a mix of Winsor & Newton watercolor and gouache paint, occasionally pencil as well! All portraits are unique and painted by hand.
  • Size and background: All Pet Portraits are 4" x 6" and feature a solid white background so your loved pet stands out that much more!
  • How it works:
    • Select how many pets (one or two) you'd like featured in your portrait
    • Submit payment for your portrait
    • You will get an email from our team within 5 minutes of placing your order that contains questions and an email address where you can send MaryAnna photos of your pet(s) you would like illustrated. You can reach us at if you do not receive an email for any reason. Some questions will include:
      • MaryAnna works directly off the photo provided. Please let us know if you have any simple modifications (like removing a leash) that we can accommodate for you?


All portraits are open for ordering until October 31st or while supplies last. Portraits are "PRE ORDER" and will arrive to you around Friday, December 12th!


Note, this delivery timeline is assuming prompt response to your questions so we can begin painting!

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